Franklin Axel Cedeño

Hello and welcome to my page,

I currently work as a Technical Illustrator but during my free time, I feel the need to create fine art. Creating oil paintings works as a therapy for me. Every time I paint a beautiful landscape, it helps me scape the boring routine of our everyday lives. I have always had an appreciation for nature and I enjoy sharing that piece of me in every one of my paintings. I use water-mixable oils to create my paintings since they are easier to clean and are less harmful to the environment. The beautiful tropical environment of Florida is what helps me stay inspired so I stay outdoors most of the time and go out every afternoon to see the sunsets.


I started drawing at a very young age and since the age of 14, I started earning art awards. All through high school and into college, I studied different art styles and techniques to determine which medium I liked best. At Miami-Dade College, I earned the Frances Wolfson Art Scholarship, and upon graduation from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale,

I won a medal for Best Portfolio with my Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design.

My goal is to remind everyone how beautiful nature all around us is and not take it for granted so you can bring it with you into your home with my paintings.


Thank you! 

email:                              axel_bermudez77             @axelpaintings


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